Why you still need a PCP (Primary Care Provider)

/Why you still need a PCP (Primary Care Provider)
Why you still need a PCP (Primary Care Provider) 2017-01-23T18:43:54+00:00

There are several reasons to maintain a relationship with your PCP. I am a solo practitioner who works on a consultation basis only. I perform a comprehensive review of your medical history, ongoing symptoms, and health and lifestyle goals. I focus on functional diagnostic tests (and appropriate nutritional supplements and/or pharmaceuticals), food as medicine, and mind-body practices. I am happy to discuss your healthcare treatment plan with your PCP and to facilitate consultations with other health care partners.

When to contact your PCP

  • For more acute health issues such as colds or other acute infections, pain management, traumatic injuries
  • For standard office procedures, vaccinations, general check-ups (pap smears, mammograms, etc.)
  • For urgent care matters, after-hours visits, or on-call physician access
  • For refills on your regular prescriptions that are being managed by your PCP

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