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What types of consultations are available?

  • Comprehensive Case Review (Initial Appt.)

    1 hour 15 minutes, $375.  See details below– “What can I expect at my first visit?”  I see patients 13 years old and up.

  • Follow-up Appointments

    Follow-ups are charged on time-based fees, based on an hourly rate of $300.  Most follow-ups are 45 minutes, or $225.  I will review your health progress or persistent challenges, follow-up diagnostics, adjust treatment strategies as needed. Mind-body techniques can also be incorporated into these visits as needed.  These appointments may be done in-office, or via telecommunications (Skype or phone).

  • Brief Phone/Skype Appointments

    15 minutes, $75, or 30 minutes, $150.  These are for follow-up of progress or questions that emerge that are more complex than simple email or phone messages.  You will be charged according to the actual time spent for the appointment.  

  • Family Consultations

    60 minutes, $300.  These consultations provide guidance for the whole family, especially in the setting of supporting a child with specific health challenges.  Individualized diagnostics will be limited, and the consult more problem-based.  A detailed health questionnaire will be done and reviewed prior to the visit, as well as review of diagnostic testing done through your pediatrician/family doctor.  Dietary recommendations, ecological awareness, stress management and general wellness strategies will be used to formulate a “family map.”

(see FAQs for information on insurance and sliding scale)

What can I expect at my first visit (the Comprehensive Case Review)?

The encounter begins well before your initial visit at the office, with a detailed health questionnaire (see Forms, under “Patient Portal”).  This may require 1-2 hours of careful inward reflection on your part.  I request that your Health Journey Questionnaire be completed at least 1-2 days before your visit to allow time for careful review.

A complete review of your health journey, any pertinent past medical consultations and diagnostic results (labs, x-rays, etc.) are done prior to your initial visit.  With this information, plus a current review of symptoms and a physical exam, we create a personalized health plan together (read more…). From this plan, physician and patient discuss lifestyle factor modifications– nutrition, exercise, mind-body and stress management techniques, environmental health measures– as well as supplements and pharmaceuticals that support the patient’s road to health and wellness. Everyone’s “prescription” is unique. In most cases, personalized lab testing may be recommended, from both conventional and specialty labs.

Additional Fees for Comprehensive Past Medical History Review

For patients considering treatment/making an initial appointment, if the past medical records are extensive and require significant time for careful review, a charge of $75 will be requested.  If the patient and doctor agree to set up an initial appointment, this fee goes towards the initial visit fee.

How many appointments are generally needed?

This depends on the chronicity and complexity of your particular health imbalances, as well as variables such as cooking skills, social support, and physical fitness.  A typical course may be 3-4 appointments in 4-8 week intervals. More complex cases may require more frequent and longer-term follow-up. Many people may, after the first 2 consultations, be able to follow-up more regularly with a functional nutritionist, mind-body therapist, acupuncturist, lifestyle coach, etc., rather than needing more doctor visits.  I am also happy to coordinate with your primary care provider regarding longer-term care plans.

Do you provide telephone or tele-medicine consultations?

The Comprehensive Case Review consultation/first visit must be in person, which is mandated by the California Medical Board.  This also establishes a better doctor-patient relationship, and allows for a thorough physical exam, mostly focusing on physical signs of nutritional deficiencies.  Follow-up visits for established patients may be done via telephone or in person.  Family Consultations may be done via telephone or in person.

What if I miss or need to cancel my appointment?

Appointments that are missed or canceled less than 48 hours ahead of scheduled time will be charged half the visit fee.  This is due to the longer time frames that are held per appointment, and the case review work that occurs prior to each appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

Currently I am not accepting new patients.  Please see Contact Information for more information on colleagues with whom I work.

Do I need to do anything prior to my first visit?

Please fill out all the appropriate paperwork at Patient Portal (click on Forms and Questionnaires) and return to me with adequate time for review.

Send past medical records by fax to 510.858.2805.

Additional information on practice policies:  Frequently Asked Questions